Mirjam Moritz of Dammweg 22, 01097 Dresden.

Conclusion of the Agreement
The Rental Agreement shall be concluded as soon as you have notified us of
your reservation, either via e-mail or by phone.


One-third of the rent is payable in advance, two-thirds are to be paid on arrival against receipt.
The deposit shall be paid within 10 days of sending of your booking confirmation.

Arrival and departure
The arrival time is to be notified to the landlady by email two days prior to the arrival.
Check-in time is after 3pm, check-out time is before 11am.

Upon arrival you will be given a key and an orientation briefing on the property.

Services and prices

The scope of service is stated in the booking confirmation form.

The holiday apartment shall be occupied only by the specified number of persons. Children are considered persons. Please contact us well in time if you intend to arrive with more people than you have originally booked for. An additional charge will be levied.

House rules
Please restrain from making noise. Due to fear of possible allergies to others, pets are not permitted and smoking in the house is not allowed. The holiday apartment is a non-smoking apartment.
In case of infringement of the Agreement, the landlady has the right to terminate the agreement without refund of any sum already paid.
Please close the doors and windows before leaving the apartment and turn down the heating.

Landlady has the Right to Enter the apartment
In case of any necessary repairs, the Landlady can enter the apartment usually with a prior notice to the Tenant.

Loss of the key

The Tenant shall be held responsible and accountable for the lost house key and shall pay € 100.
The Tenant shall be held responsible and accountable for the lost apartment key and shall pay € 50.
The Tenant shall be held responsible and accountable for the lost bicycle key and shall pay € 20.

Cancellations require a written request on a prescribed form and same must be confirmed by the Landlady.
In the case of a cancellation made earlier than 20 calendar days before the planned arrival this shall be free of charge. Advance payments will be refunded in such cases.
In case of cancellations made 19 days before the planned arrival 30% of the total price shall be payable;  10 days before: 50%, 3 days before: 100%.

The tenant is allowed to find a replacement tenant who shall take over the contractual obligations of the tenant.
If the advance payment is not received, we reserve the right to cancel the reservation.
Furthermore we are entitled to withdraw from the contract for any justified reason, for example any Force Majeure(unforseeable circumstances/unavoidable accident) make the fulfillment of the contract impossible; if rooms are booked by giving misleading or wrong information of important facts, e.g. about the person and purpose or if the landlady has well-founded reason to expect that the utilization of the holiday apartments may impair the smooth business operation, the security or the good image of the holiday apartments.

The bicycles may be used by the tenant at his/her own risk. Bicycles and accessories are not insured against theft. In the event of theft, the tenant shall notify the police and shall be held liable for the loss at 50% of the new bicycle value. The tenant shall immediately notify the landlady of any damage and defects to the bike. The bikes shall be properly locked and safely stored

Candles and Open flame sources
Open flame sources, such as lighted candles, fireworks, firecrackers and other flammable materials are not permitted.
The renter shall be entirely liable for damages at the holiday apartment and any equipment. 

Liability of the Landlady
Liability of the Landlady for simple negligence is excluded. The Landlady shall not be held liable for a short-term lack of furnishings; price reduction is not possible.
The same applies to the acts of God/natural disasters etc. The Landlady shall not be held liable for the Tenant’s valuables.

Liability of the Tenant
The Tenant uses the paths leading to the house and to the guest apartment, as well as movements inside of the apartment at his/her own risk.
The Tenant shall be held fully liable for any damage caused by him/her to the apartment itself or to the equipment.

Invalidity of Agreement provisions?
In case any provisions of the Agreement are held to be invalid or void, such invalidity shall not affect the remainder hereof.?
The parties shall undertake to replace any invalid or void provisions with valid provisions that most closely meet the economic intention of the invalid ones. The same applies in the event of a gap in the Agreement.

Court of jurisdiction
The court of jurisdiction is the District Court of Dresden.